Rivers End * (haiku)

rivers flowing free~

joining into ocean pool~

gathers all in one

lg 200519


If you would like to know more about the maker of the beautiful river basin map and further information a link is provided.

A Beautiful Map Featuring Every River Basin in the World Highlighted In Bright Rainbow Colors

Every day our waterways become more polluted by industry and yes sadly us. Hugh islands consisting of plastic flotsam are appearing in our oceans, our coral reefs are dying. Below are links with more information about our worldwide water problem. 🌎✌🏻❤️💧🌊


8 Organizations Making a Difference in Global Water Issues

A Nose Knows* (haiku)

hound keenly senses

something afoot in clover

nose twitching in wind

lg 150519

* Footnote:

You met Charlie in Guess who’s Coming to Dinner. He is in the hound category, his sense of smell is unbelievable. This little guy when he picks up a rabbit on our nightly walk, well let’s just say this 30 pounder isn’t easy to hold back. He doesn’t have the typical Tri-coloring. He’s a red, you’ll find a link below with more information about beagles.