What it Meant to be Chosen *

You didn’t bring me forth into this world. What you did was so much more, done with an open heart.

You gave me a home complete with love, to fill my heart.

You were my first teacher, playmate, confessor anything I needed you to be. You were my sage for life.

You gave all that I needed, it was never about the things with you. You feed my soul, too love with an open mind and heart.

Even though you are gone; I still feel you walking beside me. Hear your voice in my times of need.

I celebrated the gift of being able to call you Mom everyday, not just once a year.

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My Mom wasn’t a materialistic person. She loved her garden and roses especially. She once told me, “Life is like a flower, to be enjoyed, fore its beauty is short lived.” It was a tradition on special occasions I would give her a single rose. More so than anything else I could have given her, beside my love and admiration.

A Sign (haiku)

concrete city path

love grows green filling crevice

seen beneath my feet

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We all wake up in the morning, head out to work. Our days aren’t always perfect. This particular morning I had many things on my mind, decisions to make. One doesn’t seek out depression, sometimes it just creeps up on you. I walked to the bus stop, head hung down. Thinking to myself, how alone I felt. I muttered a short prayer asking, “Please I need a sign that things will get better.” With amazement the reply appeared beneath my feet. You may think this a coincidence, others as a sign from above. I’m a spiritual person, not overtly religious. However from that moment I saw it, my spirit was lifted. I walked with purpose, holding my head high. All those things that worried me, worked themselves out. Sometimes the Beloved taps us on the shoulder ever so lightly as a reminder He’s with you . 🌎 ✌🏻 ❤️

Secret Fairy Garden

The wind blows gently,

softly whispers.

Awakening wind chimes

to play their melody.

Fireflies called to gather

lighting garden path.

So their Beloved may witness

Midnight Orchids blooming.

Nature painted them

from a palette of deep vivid colors;

magenta flows to turquoise,

violet running in veins

flows to outer petals.

Their fragrance stimulates senses,

all cultivated for His pleasure.

The moon hides in the

shadows of the clouds.

So as not to be overwhelmed

by the vision of it all.

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