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I have always loved Van Gogh’s masterpieces. Not just those few that everyone knows. I had a chance to see his collection at the Art Institute of Chicago. It even had a life size reproduction of his room. All I can say it was amazing to see every brush stroke, every line of ink, the work involved. Below is a link to view his body of works

Rivers End * (haiku)

rivers flowing free~

joining into ocean pool~

gathers all in one

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If you would like to know more about the maker of the beautiful river basin map and further information a link is provided.

A Beautiful Map Featuring Every River Basin in the World Highlighted In Bright Rainbow Colors

Every day our waterways become more polluted by industry and yes sadly us. Hugh islands consisting of plastic flotsam are appearing in our oceans, our coral reefs are dying. Below are links with more information about our worldwide water problem. 🌎✌🏻❤️💧🌊

8 Organizations Making a Difference in Global Water Issues

A Sign (haiku)

concrete city path

love grows green filling crevice

seen beneath my feet

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We all wake up in the morning, head out to work. Our days aren’t always perfect. This particular morning I had many things on my mind, decisions to make. One doesn’t seek out depression, sometimes it just creeps up on you. I walked to the bus stop, head hung down. Thinking to myself, how alone I felt. I muttered a short prayer asking, “Please I need a sign that things will get better.” With amazement the reply appeared beneath my feet. You may think this a coincidence, others as a sign from above. I’m a spiritual person, not overtly religious. However from that moment I saw it, my spirit was lifted. I walked with purpose, holding my head high. All those things that worried me, worked themselves out. Sometimes the Beloved taps us on the shoulder ever so lightly as a reminder He’s with you . 🌎 ✌🏻 ❤️

Getting aquatinted

Like any neighborhood, I’m the new person on the block. I’d like to thank the neighbors who are already following my blog, know it’s appreciated. I would also like to meet more fellow bloggers.

I love the arts, poetry, photography my favs (not the greatest at either, I try 😁). I find them therapeutic, for me a form of meditation. Also, if you wish to critique my work, or have suggestions for improvement.

I don’t mind constructive criticism, the key word is constructive not destructive. If you aren’t willing to grow, than you’ll never learn anything new.

So here is a proposal for my fellow writers, it doesn’t have to be written in poetic form, if that’s not your thing.

As I said I love the arts, send me a link to your music, art, short stories. I would love to see your works. Feel free to post back in the comment section. Please share with other fellow creative minds. 🌏✌🏻❤️

A brief note to readers…

First I would like to thank you

for visiting and taking the time to

read my works.

I’d like you too know that the photos or art are not my inspiration for my poetry which came before them. So I search for the photo or art that suits my words (this in itself can be an arduous task), if I know who the artist or photographer are I give them credit which is their due. Some I wish I knew who they were, for their work is beautiful. You will find some photos are my own. Also least I forget all literary works can also inspire, reading is knowledge, with knowledge we grow. Please feel free to leave comments.