Roller Coasters (haiku)*

echoes of past heard

~where screaming thrills abounded~

silently decays

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Copyright Β© L. Gomez

*I’ve attached a link to my hometown amusement park from my early childhood. The best thing was that it was in town. Sometimes on weekends my dad would take me, it was exciting no matter how often you went. As I got older we lived close enough that I would ride my bike there. Below is a link which gives you the history of the park. As you will soon see why it held so much fun for me as a child. Enjoy the ride!


At the End* (haiku)

hopes light shines brightly

~no matter how dark the storm~

faith is all one needs

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Copyright Β© L. Gomez


Judy Garland was such a massive talent. Many have done a cover of You’ll Never Walk Alone, I love hers the best. Enjoy! The photo was taken a mile from home after a storm front moved through. I miss the city and it’s offering, however an open view like this can’t be found there. Country life has its benefits, open spaces, smokey mountain fresh air and farm grown produce. 🌎✌🏻❀️