Rhapsody In Blue* (tanka)

fingers dance on keys

ballerina like movements

gliding end to end

rhythmic changes makes them jump

frantic motion comes to rest

lg 250519


The art and music brought the inspiration for this piece. The music is by Gershwin, titled Rhapsody In Blue which I used for the title of this piece. I have attached a link to a piano solo of his musical creation. Oh to be able to play like that. I have also posted the name of the artist on his work.

Thank you for taking the time to read my simple words. 🌎✌🏻❤️🌻


Love Requests

She sits in quiet repose,

on bended knees.

feeling her Beloveds

Warm light created

by her love for Him.

Words spoken

only for Him,

echo deep

within her.

None understand

the her in Him,

nor Him in her

One transcends

other freely given.

She often remains

silent, this pain she

bares, out of favor.

Yet there is this side

of her which needs

his gentle voice,

love withheld.

That she may feel

whole once again.

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The Cafe *

lg 200519


I have always loved Van Gogh’s masterpieces. Not just those few that everyone knows. I had a chance to see his collection at the Art Institute of Chicago. It even had a life size reproduction of his room. All I can say it was amazing to see every brush stroke, every line of ink, the work involved. Below is a link to view his body of works