Marriage a Question of Convenience…

~~The Question

“Where do your loyalties lay?”

The Response~~

“Am I not what you ask?

why put forth this question.”

~~The Answer

Would I have stayed?,

through your ever

contradictions of me.

Through your biting

words of pain?

Through your self


Was that not being loyal to you?

The Final Statement~~

I now grant you your freedom.

For which you richly reward me.

I bare you no grudge,

offer continued support

with an understanding.

Now the loyalty I once

gave you freely,

I now hold onto myself.

Where it shall always remain.

lg 160319R (c)

Before #metoo

If you are a victim of sexual assault or predatory behavior, do not be afraid to report it. Stand up for yourself. I heard a young woman stand up and read a poem about her rape at an open mike by the end of it she was in tears, it moved me to the core of my being. This was written after hearing her. Little Sister

I hear your

words spilling

from your


Little Sister

Let me say,

the crime

was not your


Little Sister

It doesn’t do

any good to

lock yourself


Little Sister

Shed your tears,

let them fall

cleaning away

the hurt

Little Sister

Break out from

behind those bars

and shadowed


Little Sister

Time hides all

the memories,

only the scars


Little Sister

You have conquered,

it’s made you stronger,

you are a survivor

Little Sister

I so like you once,

Healing, Love and Peace

is what I share

with you

lg 230702 (c)