Him (tanka)*

loves gaze so intense~

passions flame longs to ignite~

look away one must~

an order to hold control~

calm facade maintained for now

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Copyright Β© L. Gomez

*One of my favorite songs by Jackie Wilson set to a dance routine done by Fred Astaire (whom I crushed on as a young girl watching those old musicals 😁he was so suave, debonair) and the beautiful Rita Hayworth. Enjoy!


Windy City Sailing * (haiku)

boating symphony

~rigging creaking planks working~

winds playing with sails

lg 200619

Copyright Β© L. Gomez

* Footnote:

In case you don’t know downtown Chicago is in the background, it is known as “The Windy City”, I call it home. The photo was taken by a friend of a friend during their weekly Wednesday night races, they can be thrilling at times. πŸŒŽβœŒπŸ»β€οΈβ›΅οΈ

Time after Time *

Beneath her flesh Runes awaken speak, she leans into arm, eyes closed, hidden, listening intently. Memories of longing now lost, as her Beloved slowly approaches. Ignites her energy allowing His too encompass her. Basking in His cool pale light, the Moon eclipses her fire, enjoys warmth, their souls are one in this moment. Now Master Time forever rules the skies moves forward, grants them not a second more. Sun, Moon must now pass into their next phase of longing, waiting again.

lg 200619

Copyright Β© L. Gomez


Title taken from a song sang by Cindi Lauper, however I love this acoustic rendition more. Enjoy! πŸŒ•πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘πŸŒ’πŸŒ“πŸŒ” 🌎✌🏻❀️

Chosen II

hoping you hear

my whispers, that I still

hold you in my heart.

You could have chosen

a son, but didn’t. It

never stopped you from

doing the things that you

would with a son. The

evenings we’d go searching

for night crawlers, for our

early morning fishing trips

at the lake. The Saturday’s

mom was busy, you’d take

me to the barber shop, I’d

watch with fascination and

a bit of fear when you’d get

a shave. You loved boxing,

I’d watch it with you when I

got older even though mom

disapproved, you’d tell her,

“she needs to learn to defend

herself.” then wink at me,

we’d laugh as co-conspirators

would. Aside from all

that, I miss your gentle ways

never raising your voice in

anger, explaining when

you do that people stop

listening, that was also a

lesson in patience (you

showed a lot of it when

teaching me to drive, I

laugh at the memory of

your worried expression)

as well. He said you needed

it to stop your anger, I only

understood that as I got

older. He’d explain that

life isn’t always easy,

however each day

is a new beginning,

so I shouldn’t despair.

These bits of wisdom

have helped me

navigate through life,

coming from a

man of few words.

I never saw anything

but love for me

in those ice blue eyes.

He’d see a reflection

of his in mine. His smiles

and hugs always lit up

my world as a child.

As I grew so did my

admiration for this

quiet man, my father

whom I loved.

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The first photo is from the day I met my parents for the first time.

Dad liked Doris Day this was one of his favorite songs, he’d like to sing it, for you Dad

My Father was a passive man,

always advocating for peace. This

came from living through WW II in Poland. πŸŒŽβœŒπŸ»β€οΈπŸ•Š

Joyful* (tanka)

ordinary bath

water faucet runs sink fills

small child sits within

hair sudsy as hands splash wide

face explodes in happiness

lg 060619

Copyright Β© L. Gomez


As a parent I remember when my children were this age. I too would bathe them in the kitchen sink 😊 so fun also much easier.