Try, Want, Need need need……..*

You’re all I need,

strap myself in

ready for that shot

in the dark.


back room

brick and mortar


soon becomes

my castle

in the clouds, where

draw bridge falls

euphoria’s gates

open wide

I float inside,


realities of

life’s pain


I nod Out,

my Need

wakes me,

now all I care

about now.

lg 070619

lg 070619

Copyright © L. Gomez


Behind every addiction lays a reason for the onset of use. Sometimes it’s just for fun (a thrill) it’s prescribed (opioids) or just an escape from what’s hidden deeper within (self medicate) depression, stress, fear. Drug addiction encompasses all sectors of our society (it doesn’t discriminate). I’ve attached some informative links, for those who want more information, to help someone or you need help. The song is by Velvet Underground, may artists have been outspoken about their addictions. 🌎✌🏻❤️


Woman with an extension,

Drawn on by issues.

Oh! The Gun?

She spoke:

Don’t look away, please!

Talk to me!

Have nothing to say now?

Oh, don’t be nervous;

You see, I’m a bit tense.

Can’t you see the anger

behind these eyes?


I never misunderstood yours! Ever!

What do you mean

your frightened?

I’m feeling so much less so;

sooo much soooo.

Can you reflect upon why,

you’re here?

My pain was there all along;

didn’t you see?

Pleassssse, step a bit closer.

Feel the coldness against your chest?

Much like the painful words

you rained down on me,

day after day.

Now matches those in my heart.

It’s a cold point that’s being made, With Blue barrel steel to be exact; can’ you feel it?

You’ve triggered emotional fear, pain, now what?

No longer will I nor am I your mark.

I’ve now targeted you.

So, prepare to meet yourself in hell. While I say; I’ve made my peace. Fair well.