Rhapsody In Blue* (tanka)

fingers dance on keys

ballerina like movements

gliding end to end

rhythmic changes makes them jump

frantic motion comes to rest

lg 250519


The art and music brought the inspiration for this piece. The music is by Gershwin, titled Rhapsody In Blue which I used for the title of this piece. I have attached a link to a piano solo of his musical creation. Oh to be able to play like that. I have also posted the name of the artist on his work.

Thank you for taking the time to read my simple words. 🌎✌🏻❤️🌻


Love Requests

She sits in quiet repose,

on bended knees.

feeling her Beloveds

Warm light created

by her love for Him.

Words spoken

only for Him,

echo deep

within her.

None understand

the her in Him,

nor Him in her

One transcends

other freely given.

She often remains

silent, this pain she

bares, out of favor.

Yet there is this side

of her which needs

his gentle voice,

love withheld.

That she may feel

whole once again.

lg 230519

Ranga Demands ~ More in Less*


rain bathes ground

pond no longer parched

robust life springs forth


awake sunlit wings

shimmer flutter


among the cat tails

dragonflies dance

free spirits on the wind


bulrushes nod

from lakeside prisons


freedom in rebirth

filtered pressed

white Parchment awaits


maple oil

stains Akimibi’s cloak


sakura leaves

dying in red and yellow-

Kyoto fire


chrysanthemums bundle

in chilled air


Yuki-onna rests

hand holds stay

turns into snow flurries

lg/jk 060519


First I’d like to give credit to James Kahn for writing verses 4, 6 and 7, also teaching me something new.

I found this form of poetry extremely difficult. One must form an image using the least amount of syllables.

One thought must lead into the next in a progression on the subject. In Japanese poetry less is more or more is less, whichever way you want to look at it.


If you wish to learn more about this form of poetry, I have provided informative links.


The photo is a mosaic done by Irina Charny to see more of her works visit:



Formal Fowl* (tanka)

he struts gracefully

black white natural attire

plume tightly slicked back

cravat flares at base of neck

polished boots reflect rippling

lg 220519


If you’d like to know more about the Snowy Egret pictured I’m providing a link:



Home of Lukas Kondraciuk Photography, provided me with the photo as inspiration. If you’re a birdwatcher or just like birds you should visit. He also provides links with information about the birds. The captions are funny, they will quack you up. Oh my it’s catchy!