What it Meant to be Chosen *

You didn’t bring me forth into this world. What you did was so much more, done with an open heart.

You gave me a home complete with love, to fill my heart.

You were my first teacher, playmate, confessor anything I needed you to be. You were my sage for life.

You gave all that I needed, it was never about the things with you. You feed my soul, too love with an open mind and heart.

Even though you are gone; I still feel you walking beside me. Hear your voice in my times of need.

I celebrated the gift of being able to call you Mom everyday, not just once a year.

lg 150519


My Mom wasn’t a materialistic person. She loved her garden and roses especially. She once told me, “Life is like a flower, to be enjoyed, fore its beauty is short lived.” It was a tradition on special occasions I would give her a single rose. More so than anything else I could have given her, beside my love and admiration.

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